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6 Types of Replacement Windows To Consider During Your Window Replacement Project…

6 Types of Replacement Windows To Consider During Your Window Replacement Project…

Working with a window company will ensure you have access to top rated windows and design experts who help inspire you with form, color, and functionality. During your window replacement project, experts will help you design units that will enhance your home’s appearance and energy efficiency. Here are a few window design ideas to inspire you as you begin thinking through your window replacement project…

Installed Replacement Picture Window

Picture Window

What better way to showcase the view than with the elegance of a picture window? Alone or combined with other windows, a picture window is an excellent way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. Their stationary design makes them highly energy efficient and allows for much larger sizes than a venting window.


Installed Replacement Bay Window

Bay or Bow Window

What about a cozy reading nook or a window seat . What charming space would you create if you had a bay or bow window? This type window makes a room feel bigger and brighter & captures dramatic views and enhances your home’s curb appeal.


Installed Sliding Window

Sliding Window

Over the sink or in a stairwell, a sliding window expands the design possibilities because they are easy to open and close with one hand and take up less space. Sliders give you top-to-bottom ventilation, and contemporary styling. Sliding windows are a beautiful, space saving-option.


Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open from the bottom via a crank. Because of the way they open, you are able to enjoy a refreshing breeze even during a light rain. Awning windows are a great option ideal for maximizing a room’s view and its ventilation. They are an excellent choice for above sinks, counters, or doors where opening requires a reach. In addition, they pair well with other windows, especially large or non-operable picture windows.


Installed Garden Window

Garden Windows

Imagine being able to grow herbs and small plants in your kitchen year round. Not only is this space functional, but it offers a unique look and feel. Garden windows are made of four pieces of energy-efficient glass, allowing for a lot of light, like a mini-greenhouse for the kitchen.

Specialty Windows

Create a striking combination and add some architectural elegance to your home. Design something that distinctly you. If you want to give your home the wow factor, consider custom-made specialty windows. Whether you want a breathtaking, oversize window that will catch every eye that passes by, or you just need something to fill an unusually shaped space, designers can help you create something stunning.

Express your home’s character through your windows. You can play around with shape, proportion, arrangement, trim work, and grilles to create a unique style for your home. Replacing old windows does boost your home’s value. Not only do windows retain more of their cost in terms of increased home value (73.3% to 72.1%), they also give you the second largest amount of cost recouped of any of the “Upscale” projects. This includes bathroom additions/remodels, adding a deck, or a major kitchen remodel.

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