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Tips To Help You Decide If You Should Replace or Repair Your Roof After a Roofing Problem?

Tips To Help You Decide If You Should Replace or Repair Your Roof After a Roofing Problem?

Making good decisions is the key to minimizing near and long term costs related to any home improvement. This is especially true for large, complex jobs like re roofing. If you notice some wear and tear on your roof you may be wondering should I repair or replace my roof? You are probably hoping you can just have a quick repair without the expenditure of a complete new roof. Sometimes replacing your roof is the best line of action to take. We would like to off a few tips to help you choose repairing or replacing it…

Is Your Roof Getting Old?

When to re-roof depends on several variables, including the shingles’ wear and age, the climate in your area, and your home’s susceptibility to future damage. If you notice a missing shingle that you think can be fixed, you need to consider the age of your roof before making repairs. Most asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 15 years. If you roof is nearly 15 years old, then it is a good time to invest in a new roof. If by chance you have a clay or concrete tile roof, their lifespan is between 30 and 50 years. So the age and roofing materials used on your roof matter when deciding to repair or replace your roof.

Is the Damage Spreading?

A water leak in the ceiling is a problem for many reasons. By the time you realize you have a leak, you can have serious damage not only to your ceiling but to your roof, as well. Damage to your roof can be hazardous. It is hard to tell the condition of your roof from the outside. If you notice water discoloration in your ceiling or find signs of mildew or mold growth in your attic you need to replace your roof immediately.

Do You Want to Sell Your Home in the Near Future?

Does a new roof increase home value? That is a resounding yes! Plus it makes your home easier to sell. An old or damaged roof scares away buyers. A new roof will increase your home’s value. Make sure to replace your roof if there are issues and it has reached its life expectancy.

Why You Need a Professional Roof Installer

Roofing can be a dangerous task. No matter what your roof looks like, it’s probably pitched, there’s no railing, and it’s quite a few feet off the ground. So when something goes wrong, whether you’ve got a leak, a few shingles came off or your roof needs serious repairs, it is best to call a professional. Roofers spend almost every day up on the roof, so they know how to safely navigate the dangers, and have a high level of experience with every sort of issue. Additionally, if you aren’t exactly sure what to do, you risk making a small problem a lot bigger. What was just a small leak before could become a major structural issue if it’s poorly fixed.

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