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Tips To Help You Decide If You Should Replace or Repair Your Old Windows

Tips To Help You Decide If You Should Replace or Repair Your Old Windows

Before you decide if you should repair or replace your old windows, you need to know your options. New windows offer smoother operation, lower maintenance, energy savings, better room comfort, and easy cleaning but they can be a significant investment. You need to ask your self the following questions as you decide if you should repair or replace your current windows.

Do Your Old Windows Require Too Much Mainteance? 

Old windows can drive you a bit crazy because of all the maintenance involved to keep them functioning correctly. Judge your current window situation in the following 5 ways…

  1. Are Your Old Windows Easy to Operate? – Can they still lift, swing, and/or slide? New windows will be easier to operate and easier to clean.
  2. Do You Want to Scrape and Paint Them Often? – Old windows require scraping and painting maintenance or they’ll rot and break. New windows have aluminum or vinyl cladding to relieve you of the constant scrapping and painting.
  3. Do You Have Condensation Problems? – Are you noticing condensation on the window panes? Is the trim of your windows wet because of condensation? New windows have higher-efficiency glass that prevents condensation.
  4. Do You Use Storm Windows? – If you have or should have storm windows, do you mind putting them up and taking them down as the temperatures change? Do you mind also have to clean and maintain your storm windows? Are your storm windows in good shape? New windows will relieve you of having to use and maintain storm windows.
  5. Are Your Windows Easy to Clean? – Are your old windows so tough to clean that you avoid doing so? New windows are easy to clean because they open and swing in ways that allow you to clean them much easier.

What Comfort Level Do Your Old Windows Provide?

Single-pane windows can make rooms feel a bit drafty, cool, and dry in the winter. In the summer rooms can feel too warm. Owners of double-pane windows notice a more comfortable room temperature and less drafts. Double panes block the heat of the sunlight but allow the sunlight in. Double panes reduce the amount of cool draft that can happen in the cooler months. Double panes also reduce the amount of condensation so you can keep your indoor humidity higher and the temperatures more level in the cooler months. There are also energy-efficient windows that will lower the amount of energy you need to use in your home.

Are Your Old Windows Worth Repairing?

You can almost always repair the old windows if you want to spend the time and money to do it but you may find the following problems…

  • Rotting Wood – Once wood rotting starts on a section, you need to replace it which can be really hard to do or require a very skilled craftsman.
  • Sagging Casement on Crank-out Windows – Replacing worn crank mechanisms is usually something you can fix but when you run into bent or worn hinges, they are a much tougher replacements and in most cases it won’t solve the root problem.
  • Fogged Double-Pane Glass – Once the fogging happens between panes, you can’t fix it. You can try to replace the glass or entire sash but this can be a very difficult task or require a very skilled craftsman.
  • Replacement Hardware Can Be Tough to Locate – You can try to contact the window manufacturer or your local window dealer if you know the window brand and model number. You can also try to find parts from online suppliers. It can be a frustrating and timely hit or miss situation.

If You Want to Replace Your Windows, What Are Your Options?

  • Window Inserts – Removing the old sashes and slipping a window insert into the old frame can give you the benefit of high-efficiency glass, better comfort, and less maintenance. With this option you will still have to maintain the exterior wood frame and trim. You would only want to do this if your frame is rot-free and square.
  • New Window and New Frame – This is usually your only option for casement and slider windows. This is a more comprehensive installation but this is your best way to start fresh with windows that will be weather-tight and low-maintenance.

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