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What to Keep in Mind When You are Choosing a New Garage Door…

What to Keep in Mind When You are Choosing a New Garage Door…

Is this the Year you plan to replace your Garage Door? There are many options out there, so before you purchase a garage door, you should do a little homework. In many modern architectural designs, the garage claims the front and center position of your home. Since the garage door takes this prominent position it makes it more important to choose a door that compliments your home’s architectural design than ever before. Replacing the old door gives you an opportunity to improve the exterior of your home and to boost your curb appeal. With so many designs on the market today this purchasing decision can be a difficult one. We hope the following tips will help you narrow your search for a door that suits your home perfectly…

Selecting a Style of Garage Door

Replacing a plain door with one that really suits your architecture is a great way to enhance curb appeal, and it’s a home improvement project that generates one of the best returns on investment when it comes to resale. A garage door with the right style does wonders for a home’s facade. There are a few major style categories you should know so you can identify and communicate the look you’re going for.

First, Decide the design of your home…

  • Traditional – Classic style that usually has raised panels; can be simple or decorated.
  • Historical – Old-fashioned swinging or sliding doors; typically decorated with wrought-iron hardware and ornamental battens, and often includes two-tone paint designs and windows.
  • Contemporary – Modern style focused on clean lines; appearance ranges from flush, solid doors to those with metal and glass construction.

A successful selection looks right at home on the exterior and complements the style and architecture of your home.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

One of the newest trends is to choose an energy efficient garage door. The insulation in these doors minimizes heat loss. And modern technology means that these garage doors are available in many styles. If you’re looking for a particular design, material, or size, it’s possible to find an insulated door that fits. Many families use the garage as the primary entrance. If your family is one of those families you definitely want an insulated garage door. Your garage door is the largest opening to your home and every time it is opened drafts can go through your home. An insulated garage door will help your climate control system . This means an insulated door will be energy efficient and help with your utility bill and save you money. Another consideration in the insulated door is the R-value. The R-value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

6 Most Common Garage Door Types

  • Sectional
  • Roll-up
  • Slide to the side
  • Side hinged
  • Tilt-up canopy
  • Overhead sectional retractable

Most homeowners favor the convenience of an overhead sectional design. Overhead sectional doors are easy to pair with an automatic garage door opener. The overhead door in contrast to the swing style door is that the swing style require more clearance the sectional overhead door roll up and down on mounted tracks. The slide to the side garage door operates just like the name implies—by bending to one side of the garage and sitting parallel to the wall. They are used for garages with little headroom. You can automate other types of garage doors but it cost more to do so. Also, it is possible to get the look of the other types of doors that can operate with a modern overhead convenience.

Garage Door Material Choices

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum, Fiberglass or Vinyl.

Certain materials require more care than others. Of course Natural wood is beautiful but it does require the most maintenance. Steel is a great option but you will need to wax your door like you would your car to prevent rust. Aluminum doors share many of the characteristics of steel, with optional faux wood texturing and long-lasting finishes. But it will dent. Durable vinyl garage doors won’t fade from UV exposure, and they are rustproof and dent-resistant as well. Vinyl garage doors also provide a surprising level of insulation from outdoor temperatures with R-values ranging from R10 to R13. Just understand the maintenance of each material and choose a door that your willing to take care of.

Check Your Area’s Garage Door Regulations

There is no such thing as a windproof garage door. But in many areas the municipal government requires code-compliant garage doors that can withstand a minimum level of wind resistance. Your remodeling professional will know if your area has a code regulation. Some insurance companies sometimes give discounts for garage doors and other exterior building products that exceed the local building code.

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