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What You Need to Know Before Selecting a New Patio Door For Your Home…

What You Need to Know Before Selecting a New Patio Door For Your Home…

There are different types of patio doors! Some patio doors slide, some swing, and some fold. You will want a patio door that give you want and complements your home’s architecture at the same time. You choice really comes down to the architectural style of your home, your lifestyle, and how convenience you want your door to be. Many times patio doors separate large outdoor living spaces from your main interior living space. Sometimes patio doors lead to a private balcony. The following tips will help you choose the right patio door for you!…

How Much Space Do You Have?

Swinging and French doors will need room to open and you don’t want indoor or outdoor furniture in the way. If you don’t have a bunch of space and have enough space for two swinging doors, maybe make on side of the door stationary.

Maximize the Width of Your Doorway

You will want to have the widest doorway possible so you have and feel like you have a connection to what is on the other side of the door. Folding or multiple French doors could help you make that open as wide as it can be.

A Patio Door Should Be Seen Through and Not a Wall

Since you will want to see outside the door with as little obstruction as possible make sure you pick a glass type with the right benefits and efficiency for your home. Maybe you want glass that will help keep you energy bills low. Maybe you want glass that protects you and your furniture from UV rays that can cause fading and such. How much privacy do you need? How can you see through it during the day and have privacy at night? Maybe you want internal blinds in the windows.

What Is Your Door Going to Be Made Of?

You want a door that you can easily maintain but you also want it to be beautiful. You may want to choose between vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or clad-wood patio doors so they weather well and don’t need painting.

Your Patio Door Needs To Complement Your Home

Your patio door needs to match the style of your home. If your home has a rustic feel, then vinyl may feel out of place. There are many fiberglass doors not that mimic the look of wood. You will probably want to match you other doors and windows.

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